The Rock - artist in residence

The ROCK -

artist residence

Our residency

The ROCK artist residence is located on the beautiful 18th century Eker Gård in Skammestein, a few minutes from the beautiful area location Jotunheimen.  It features more than 250 mountain peaks, including Northern Europe's two largest peaks: Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind.

The farm offer a professional gallery showing well-known artists, a barn with the opportunity of hosting concerts, parties, courses and studios. 

We will also continue to develop a permaculture garden in collaboration with the organisation Kvann.

The Artist in Residents program is open to Norwegian and international artists. The program is designed together with the artist, a minimum of 1 week up to 6 weeks recedency. To work and live in Øystre Slidre is a true inspiration for you as an artist with your own work. The finale of the recedency is your own exhibition in the main gallery or in a special and suitable location in and around the farm.

The name

So why the name Rock?

The Rock is linked to the place name Skammestein, in Norwegian it means a flat rock. Just above the farm towers the mountain with one of Valdres mountain flags and on the field outside is a stone with history from the previous ice age.

Jotunheimen, which is a few km from the farm, is one of Norway's most beautiful and wild mountain areas.

There is also Beitostølen nearby, they host a music festival called ‘Troll Rock’, for many years and the owner of the residency program is also an artist, sculpturing in stone.

The people

The program is run by sculptor Anni Onsager, and the experienced gallerist Sigmund Bakken, and the farm Eker Gård culture and nature company. 


Anni Onsager (see bio), the owner and program facilitator at  operator Eker Gård, is studied Visual Art Sculpture at West Dean College in England, Sussex Univeristy, graduated with a master's degree in sculpture and visual arts.


Sigmund Bakken and Einar Onsager will make sure you and your visitors have an amazing experience at our gallery. Sigmund is the curator and  Einar will make sure you as an artist and all the guests have a fabioulus time and feel really welcome.

Practial information

Housing and studio

We offer a accommodation in a small cabin with 2 beds and private bathroom. You have access to your own kitchen and can use the farm's facilities. Vegetables and herbs can be picked up in the permaculture garden during the summer months. There are several rooms available for studio space.


We will also show you around as a visiting artists to experience the area's nature, culture and help with equipment and give other necessary support.


Price per stay 100 EUR ex food.
Prices includes housing and studio, bed linen, towels, access to washing machine, kitchen, private bathroom, Wi-Fi.

Time period

A stay can be adapted to the artist's wishes both in time and length, but must be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 weeks.


You can bring your own car, rent a car from the airport or take a bus that goes many times a day to Oslo and several other places via Fagernes. We can pick up at the bus stop but it is also possible to walk. 


Selection process for an Artist in Residency of

Your applications will be evaluated by Anni Onsager, Sigmund Bakken and 1-2 experts in the artistic field.

The  applications is based on professional assessment and whether we can offer what is desired by the artist. In addition, we want the artist to use the fantastic surroundings both on the farm and in the region, and also Valdres culture as inspiration for his work when they are here. But we do not want to set too strict limits and want artists in Visual Arts. - Audiovisual art - Literature - Music - Performing arts welcome to apply.


At Eker Gård we want to see artist’s bloom and be the best version of themselves.

Hope to see you at Eker Gård. 

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